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An area of 20,000㎡ and has a 12,000㎡ modern production workshop. We are equipped with large-scale silicone coating machines, slitting machines, cutting machines, automatic rewinders, automatic box filling and sealing machines and other most advanced production equipment in this industry… 

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Various silicone oil coated paper for baking,bbq,steaming,liner,and greasproof paper

Baking Paper

Unlock the secret to effortless baking with our premium Baking Paper - the ultimate kitchen essential for perfect results every time!

Paper Liner

Discover the secret to mess-free air frying with our innovative Air Fryer Paper Liner - the ultimate accessory for crispy, delicious meals without the hassle of cleanup!

Steaming Paper

Experience the art of healthy cooking with our premium Steaming Paper - the perfect companion for effortlessly steaming your favorite dishes to perfection, while preserving their natural flavors and nutrients!

Greaseproof paper

Say goodbye to greasy messes and hello to hassle-free cooking with our high-quality Greaseproof Paper - the ultimate solution for oil-free baking and cooking, ensuring your dishes are perfectly crispy and delicious!


20M invest
540 000 m2 area
60 000kgs/day


100% virgin wood plug
Food-grade silicone oil
No fluorescent


5-7 days for small
10-15days for bulk


100% QC inspection
BRC,FDA,FSC,SGS approved